Jaz Malone

Panel Six: Eric Blair

Jaz Malone
Panel Six: Eric Blair

This interview was a long time coming. Eric Blair is a local writer, focused in comics, who also has a background in blogging about music. He’s been in Philadelphia since his birth, and has seen the comic scene grow and develop over time.

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Eric and I sat down last year to talk about his life and work, and it was such a great conversation that we decided to do a proper recording. Eric, X, and I spoke about how he feels about the Philly scene, especially for Black creators, Chris Claremont’s X-Men runs, and working with various artists throughout the run of Eric’s comic, My Life In A Petri Dish.


Outside of My Life In A Petri Dish, you can also find Eric on IG at @cire_found . Enjoy the episode!

Artists and letterers mentioned in this episode:

Amber Keegan

Andres Rivera

Staci Moore

Emmanuel Francisco

Brandon DeStefano

After being attacked by a billy goat at a young age, Jaz decided that leaving her Detroit, MI home was for the best. She moved to Philadelphia, PA, where she received her BFA in Animation from The University of The Arts. She currently works in the tri-state area as a sequential artist, occasional animator, and tea enthusiast. She has yet to be attacked by another goat.