Sequential Philly provides a directory for the comic creators working in Philadelphia.


Sequential Phillians:

Jaz Malone


SP Webmaster, Interviewer, Comic Maker/Haver

After being attacked by a billy goat at a young age, Jaz decided that leaving her Detroit, MI home was for the best. She moved to Philadelphia, PA, where she received her BFA in Animation from The University of The Arts. She currently works as a sequential artist and arts instructor, whose inspiration falls between “what happened” and “what could have happened.” She has yet to be attacked by another goat.

Outside of SP, she can be found here:


Sarah Santiago

SP Assistant, Comic Reader and Reviewer, Zine Maker

Sarah Santiago is a latinx artist from Philadelphia. She still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, but she hopes it involves art, social justice, and magical girls. In her free time, she reads teen fiction and makes zines with her art collective. She can usually be found at her college campus library, reading webtoons in the stacks as a means for avoiding homework.



SP Assistant, Comic Reader and Researcher, Lurker

X hangs out in the background and takes care of the things that need to get done. They promise not to cause a scene, as long as you bring snacks.